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What is Coffin Club?

We are an educational charity that offers a free 6 week course, run twice a year, meeting one day a week for a one hour talk from an invited speaker, with Q & A and discussion, followed by a tea break and an hour and a half coffin decorating workshop.

Coffin Club Colchester provides the opportunity to talk about what is traditionally a taboo subject. You can attend for speaker only or stay on to decorate your own low carbon footprint coffin.
The coffins fit anyone up to 6’4″ and up to 18 stone in weight. They come flat-packed and flat-pack again, once decorated, for storage. Our fabulous Dutch flat-packed coffins are suitable for both burial and cremation. At a cost of £250 incl. primer and roller to get you started. You can then choose suitable (water-based) paints and decorations to complete your own design. The coffin then flat-packs again for easy storage. Download the CREMTANN Eco Cremation Coffin Manual.
Funeral poverty is a growing problem in the UK with many families going into debt in order to cover the cost of a loved one's funeral. It doesn't need to be like that..

Miriam Margolyes

Miriam Margolyes
Coffin Club UK Patron

Timelapse coffin construction

"Join the funeral revolution and construct and decorate your own coffin that reflects who you are and take your final journey in style!!!"


holding space

Holding Space
To learn more about the film click on the image above, alternatively, email Rebecca rebecca@moteofdustfilms.com to find out where you can watch a screening.

Dead Good Film

Dead Good Film - Emma Thompson
Dead Good Film is an intimate portrait of those dealing with their dead, supported during the ritual of care after death by a team of women who are 'giving death back to the people'.

Dad's Coffin

Dad's Coffin
A documentary by Cheryl White and Lisa Clifford about one man's joyful stroll towards the inevitable, featuring John Lynes and his coffin.

Radio Interview

Actual Radio Interview
Actual Radio Interview with Jenny and Beth from Coffin Club Colchester at The Older Persons' Information Fair, Firstsite Colchester.

Club Dates

The dates for the 2020 Coffin Club invited Speakers and Coffin Decorating Workshops are now up.
Please visit the Events page to find out more and the Booking page to book your place.
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