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10th July 2020
Is there a better way to die?

The Coronavirus has taken thousands of lives in the UK and many more around the world. Due to the uncertain and rapid nature of people falling ill and dying, most have not made provisions or an end-of-life plan, putting a huge administration and decision-making burden on the NHS. This article in the Guardian by Rachel […]

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8th June 2020
World Oceans Day

Happy 'World Oceans Day'! Did you know that your cremated ashes can become part of a memorial reef - a permanent living legacy for those who lived by the sea made a living from the sea or simply just loved the sea! Read more about it HERE.

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8th June 2020
Burial at sea in the UK

The 8th of June is 'World Oceans Day', but did you know that you can still be buried at sea! You have to obtain a license and have a very specific coffin but if you want your final resting place to be on the seabed, you can read about it HERE.*You don't have to get […]

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