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14th June 2019
Older Persons' Information Fair 2019

Will Quince MP will be hosting the 3rd Older Persons' Information Fair on Friday 14th June at Firstsite, Lewis Gardens Colchester, between 10am and 1pm. To find out more follow the link here:

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15th May 2019
Funeral Poverty

Fair Funerals - Because Everyone Deserves One. Quaker Social Action formed the Funeral Poverty Alliance in September 2014, a network of not-for-profit organisations to campaign collectively against funeral poverty. To find out more follow the link here:

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15th May 2019
Helping Funerals

Practical support for people struggling with funeral costs Quaker Social Action can help with finding an affordable send off for your loved ones if you're finding it a financial struggle. You can find out more about this here:

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