Who Are Coffin Club Colchester?

Coffin Clubs help people to reclaim a participatory relationship with death and build strong, supportive communities where people can have frank conversations and reflect on their future with camaraderie. We empower people and help them understand their choices and options for low cost funeral planning.
Coffin Club UK is based on a model that has successfully run in New Zealand for a number of years. It is for elderly people, people who are terminally ill, or their carer’s, and for anyone interested to come and work out their funeral wish-list, plan and cost their funeral and if they wish, assemble and personalise their own coffin.
Coffin Club Colchester Clubbers
Coffin Club Colchester Registered Charity 1182860 is affiliated to, although financially separate from, Coffin Club UK. As such it receives support and advice from Coffin Club UK. It seeks to gain its own independent financial support in order to run a club in Colchester thus widening the impact. We are the first Coffin Club in Essex!

Meet the Team

The Colchester Coffin Club was started by three ladies from the local area, who all share the goal of providing accessible information about end-of-life options available to everyone.
CCC Trustee Beth

Beth Hatwell

CCC Trustee Jenny

Jenny Edwards

CCC Trustee Wendy

Wendy Johnson

Vice Chairman


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